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Re: Configure sound on 810-815 chipset motherboard

I had three identical machines with M810 MB.  Tried RH 6.2, 7.0, and Mandrake 
8.1.  None of these seemed to have the SiS drivers needed.  RH 7.2 did, but I 
had lots of problems installing.  I used different amounts of shared memory 
during the install on all: 1MB on one, 4MB on one and 32MB on the last.

Svga uses SiS 630.  I originally set the boxes up with Hor. 31.5, 35-36.5 and 
Vert. 55-90.  Two were to be used as servers and would have cheap monitors so 
this was OK on them.  The third was later changed to 1024x768 for desktop.  
Had no problems setting up.

I'm still using 2-4-7.10 kernel that came with RH 7.2.
Don't know what AGP aperture is.
Don't use DRM or Chromium.

I may try the Soundblaster method you mentioned, but don't have lots of hope 
it will work.  CDs play very well - can't play an MP3.  Strange.

On Monday 18 March 2002 08:11 am, you wrote:
> I just read from Xfree86.org about sis630 support.
> It was supported (maybe as 2D only) in XFree86 3.3.6, but not yet in XFree
> 4.x I installed only 4.1. That's why I got segmentation fault.
> I am hopping that it will come up in XFree 4.3.0
> How much shared memory did you use?
> How big is your AGP apperture size?
> Can you get DRM to run (in other word, can you run Chromium)?
> I thought sound wouldn't be a problem if you turned sound blaster
> compatibility on from the bios and then compile your OSS sound module as
> sound blaster. Just an idea.
> Kernel 2.4.18 has more support for sis chips, but it's still flacky and
> possible doesn't work at all.
> Don't install SIS DRM support for XFree 4.1, it won't compile.
> M810 motherboard seems to create a lot of problem.
> Interestingly, Mandrake 8.1 works.
> At 12:07 AM 3/18/2002 -0600, you wrote:
> >I have an M810 SiS motherboard and have good vga video, but have been
> > working for weeks to get printing and sound working.  No success, so far.
> >
> >Had good color printing with gimp at first , but now I have screwed that
> > up trying to get cups and gimp-print installed.
> >
> >./configure gimp-print  gives me an error message - can't find libtool.
> >

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