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Re: RH 7.2 custom kernel/modules in boot.img

On Mon, 2002-03-25 at 09:47, Garrett Mead wrote:
> Good day,
>      I am interested in installing RH 7.2 on a new system which has a
> promise SX6000 IDE RAID controller. Promise only distributes a driver
> for RH 7.0/7.1. I have read that I2O support is included in most
> modern 2.4.x kernels. As such I am interested in building a kernel
> with static support for I2O or module support for the same.

Does the RH installation detects the raid card?
Its quite a hassle to build a custom boot.img
This might help http://linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/Bootdisk-HOWTO/index.html

I think the best to help you out is this link, if RH doesn't support
your card straight out of the disc.

> I have seen some documentation on adding a new vmlinux file to the
> boot.img along with custom modules, however the process is still not
> clear to me.
> Is there a HOW-TO somewhere outlining how to take a newly built kernel
> and place it and its supported modules on the boot.img file to be used
> for a fresh RH 7.2 installation?
> One of my main questions has to do with what kernel settings are
> required for the installation process? Is the kernel .config that was
> used by RH to build the default vmlinux file on the boot.img available
> for reference somewhere?
> Thank you for your time.
>   -- Garrett
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