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a couple questions about ext3 filesystems

  first, what is the proper protocol for changing an ext3
filesystem back to ext2?  i just read a posting on the 
ext3-users mailing list that suggested part of the procedure
was to mount the filesystem read-only, but i don't see why
that would be necessary.  as far as i knew, it is sufficient
to unmount the filesystem, run "tune2fs" to remove the journal,
then remount as type ext2, no?

  on a more temporary note, as long as the ext3 filesystem
was unmounted cleanly, is it safe to just re-mount it as type 
ext2?  i'm assuming that doing this would leave the hidden
.journal file where it is, it just wouldn't be using it.

  finally, is there a way to tell if an unmounted filesystem
is ext2 or ext3?  since the journal file is represented by a
"hidden" inode, it's not clear how you could tell if a
filesystem already has journalling.  certainly, "fdisk" 
doesn't make that distinction.


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