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Re: Searchable Archives

On Tue, Oct 08, 2002 at 04:21:14PM -0500, Bret Hughes wrote:
> On Tue, 2002-10-08 at 13:20, Jeff Bearer wrote:
> > One thing that might help is if Red Hat's mailing list archive search
> > wasn't so hard to use,  the search results listed as file names is
> > horrible.  Simply displaying the subject would improve the usability I'd
> > estimate 500%.
> Redhats seach is less than useless it is a waste of time. At least it
> was the last couple of time I tried it.

Red Hat's mailing list archives have been useless for the past four years at
least. This topic has been discussed over and over and over again[0], but noone
at Red Hat feels like doing anything about it. To spell it out clearly:


That's the only valid conclusion left after seeing the history of this
issue. The sad thing is: They *used* to have reasonably good archives back
in the 4.x/early 5.x days, then they started changing the website cause
everything has to look "professional" (whatever that means) and it went
downhill from there... I'm not holding my breath for this to change anytime
soon. Mailinglist users don't make them money, plain and simple.

There have been several efforts by list members to fill this gap and I would
like to thank all of them. Most of them had to fold at some point, though,
lacking money and/or other resources to host such an archive on an ongoing
basis - and frankly, I still think it's Red Hat's job to do so.



[0] I'm on redhat-list since approx. RHL 4.1...
                                       ...'cause only lusers quote signatures!
     Thomas Ribbrock | http://www.ribbrock.org | ICQ#: 15839919
   "You have to live on the edge of reality - to make your dreams come true!"

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