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Re: huge .pdf files

> On 09-Oct-2002/19:40 -0500, Bobby Treaster <krymsunmortis gpcom net> wrote:
> >Actually the PDF does have a table of contents listed by the HOWTO's
> >subject and you click on the subject and it then takes you to the
> >corresponding material.
> Still, a 31 megabyte file? They would be better off putting a keyword and
> the word HOWTO in Google and jumping diectly to the document most likely
> to help them. Not everyone has a broadband connection.
Just noted this thread. Here's something for y'all to look at: how was it 
saved, from what editor, and with what options?

We had a thread on another mailing list I'm on, on the same subject. 
Different editors, saving as pdf, or file converters,  can add *tons* of 
extra stuff, and store it incredibly inefficiently.

Try to turn the file to .pdf in another manner, and check the default 

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