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Re: Fresh RH8.0 install has man page probs...

see the post about setting LANG=c, also if you have konqueror on you can
put man:/command  where command is the command you want and konqueror
will display it nicely.


On Wed, 2002-10-09 at 18:59, Frazier, Ben wrote:
> I've been beating my head on this for a couple of days now and haven't got anywhere.
> I started off upgrading an RH7.3 box to RH8.0.  The upgrade went to hell in a hand basket so I formatted the drives and did a fresh RH8.0 install.  Now I've got everything back to be functional but my man pages aren't working correctly.  Yes I've uninstalled/reinstalled them.
> Doing a man on anything comes up with what looks like ANSI characters that aren't properly formated.  This happens when pulling up man pages at the local console (text), in X, and when remotely shelled in to the box.
> Here's an example from man rpm: 
> rpm {‐q|‐‐query} [select‐options] [query‐options]
> I know those characters are trying to bold certain letters.  I've tried installing different fonts, changing terminal settings, etc, and I'm at a total loss.
> Does anybody have any suggestions?
> Thanks.
> Ben
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