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Re: HowTo : make a serial port communication

On Tue, Sep 10, 2002 at 06:35:05PM +0200, cana rich wrote:
>  To ansmer yours questions, i would like to make a C or C++ program which communicate via the serial port COM1 to a device. The device is a screen plasma. I would like the program to remote the sreen : switch on, switch off, change channel ... 
> The serial communication setting is : 
> Baud : 4800 BPS 
> Data length : 8 bits 
> Parity : none 
> Stop bit : 1 bit 
> Flow control RTS/CTS 
> Communication code : ASCII code 
> Reception time out : 4 seconds 
> To do it, I need to send ASCII code. For exemple, to switch off the screen i must send the "%A0001" code. 
> I need to receive the acknoledgment to know if it has been well done. (code for good receive : "@S") 
> Thanks for your help. 
> Canarich 
Serial port programmingon LInux is pretty much like serial port
programming on any other Unix(-like) system.

There is (or used to be, I don't know if it's been kept up to date) a
HOWTO (or maybe a mini-HOWTO) on LInux serial port programming.

Not sure where you can find it online, but if you are unable to find
it, email me off the list and I'll send you my (OLD, 1997) copy.


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