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Re: shell line wraps wrong

On Monday 16 September 2002 11:24 am, Peter Horst's voice rose above 
the ones in my head and declared:

> I'm trying to enter a longish sequence of commands in bash 2.05 (RH
> 7.2, gnome-terminal, $TERM=xterm); after I've entered around 50
> characters, the command line wraps back onto itself, overwriting its
> own beginning. The behavior when I access the command line history
> with C-p or the up-arrow is even less satisfactory. Is this bash,
>readline, gnome-terminal, or none of the above?

The problem you've got, which I've seen on my system, is that you've made
the shell window too wide. narrow the width to around 80 columns, and it'll
wrap correctly.

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