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RE: Linux command to combine two files


	Thanks for the reply. I recalled the solution from your answer.

# cat FileB >> FileA

Thanks and Best Regards,

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On Fri, 15 Aug 2003, Aung Min Naing Oo - Unidux (IT) wrote:

> Hello
> 	Is there any command to combine two text files.
> I need to combine the multiple access log files to
> one single file for the report generating purpose.
> eg.	FileA
> 		line 1
> 		line 2
> 	FileB
> 		line 3
> 		line 4
> 	ResultFile
> 		line 1
> 		line 2
> 		line 3
> 		line 4

A simple:

FileB >> FileA


would do at the command prompt. If you want advanced stuff, use PERL todo
the job.

PhD student

Singapore Synchrotron Light Source (SSLS)
5 Research Link,
Singapore 117603

Email: slsbdfc nus edu sg or didierbe sps nus edu sg
Website: http://ssls.nus.edu.sg

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