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Security Issues....


I'm relatively new to Linux, but I have a few questions concerning security.
If there is a better/more appropriate site, I'd appreciate being pointed in
that direction...

I'm looking at setting up a few machines to allow users to access the
machines and perform development work on the machines. By development, I
mean the ability to actually run various scripting languages
(Perl/PHP/etc...) and the ability to actually build/compile/run their C/C++

My question has to do with the problem of creating an environment that's
reasonably secure. Is there a way/ways to create this kind of environment
such that a user can essentially have his/her own space and not somehow
screw up the system. Are there pointers that you can provide to give me a
better high level understanding of what this kind of environment would

I've done the Google thing but I have a lot more questions...

Thanks in advance for any help/assistance with this issue...

Hey... If you live close to me, I'd even buy you lunch!!!


Bruce Douglas
bedouglas earthlink net
(925) 866-2790

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