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Re: X won't start for root - okay for other user

On Sun, 2003-12-07 at 12:12, Bob Hartung wrote:
> Ed,
>     after typing startx there is a pause then in the center 
> of the screen "No Input Signal" appears and lasts for 1-2 
> seconds.  Next there is some output to the screen that 
> begins with
> XFree86 Version ....
> and the last 2 lines are
> /root/.Xclients: line 8: /root/.Xclients-default: Success
> waiting for X server to shut down
> then back to the command prompt.  The last two lines do not 
> appear in the log file

Is there anything in /root/.xsession-errors?

You could also, for a shot in the dark, try something like the

1.  Login as root.
2.  Create a directory called hold
3.  Move (mv) all of your .X* and .x* files to the hold directory.
4.  Optionally, also move all .gnome* directories to the hold area.
5.  Try starting x


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