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Re: Question on Internet access of vsftp server

On December 20, 2003 08:35 am, Bob Smith wrote:
> Pete,
> As a follow up, I decided to see if I can open up a telnet session by
> opening port 23 for a short period of time and then seeing if I could
> telnet in.  It failed, and then I reset the FTP rule.
> I'm going to see if I can access FTP from a different location, just in
> case it's my machine and its firewall rules blocking things.  That will
> probably happen later this afternoon.  I'll let you know the results.
> I'm beginning to wonder if I'm being blocked from upstream.
> -Bob

> > I grepped for stream in /etc/init.d and didn't get any response.
> > ditto in vsftp.conf Is there another place to check?

> >
> > -Bob

Try temorarily stopping your iptables altogether, then do a quick test of ftp 
& telnet (as long as telnet server is activated in inetd.

Earlier I said to look in init.d but meant in /etc/inetd.d, and to look in the 
vsftpd file in there. Sorry about the typo. But either way, it was just to 
show how you can see it is a tcp service, but Jason covers it better anyway.

As far as the ftp to localhost failing, is that a vsftpd setting or are you 
not allowing local loopback in your firewall (I expect that would be a 
requirement for ftp localhost)

So just to get the picture straight, you have only one system and it is the 
ftp server, and you can access it locally via the hostname or your external 
IP, but not using localhost or
And machines upstream (on the Internet) cannot get to your ftp service. 
Have you looked at the logs since you moved the --log string above the ftp 

Pete Nesbitt, rhce

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