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Re: [Announce] Libmcrypt and mcrypt rpm's for Fedora 1 and Red Hat9

On Mon, 29 Dec 2003 16:33:50 +0100, Leonard den Ottolander wrote:

>  Finally a question for you. I would like to get rid of the autoreconf in 
> the mcrypt SPEC file. It currently requires CVS, although I don't see the 
> use of a CVS update of a package with a fixed version. Do you think I can 
> safely delete it? What is it doing anyway?
>  Just removing autoreconf from the SPEC file caused a versioning problem 
> with automake. Guess I'll have to wade through the configure script and see 
> if I can find a clue there. Always surprised how big they are in 
> comparision to the actual package.

Not sure what you refer to as "autoreconf". Do you mean the explicit runs
of "libtoolize -f ; aclocal ; automake -a ; autoconf"? If so, this is
necessary because the patches and your %build section modify the
"configure.in" template and also many Makefile.am templates. Autoconf
recreates the configure script from configure.in. You could patch the
configure script directly. Automake recreates Makefile.in templates from
the modified Makefile.am files. If you didn't run the tools, they would
run automatically based on timestamp checks.


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