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RE: email server with private address

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Andy
> Sent: Saturday, January 25, 2003 1:27 PM
> Subject: email server with private address
> My main server is a Redhat box running Sendmail with a public
> IP and is a router and dhcp server for my private network.
> It is running iptables firewall and is connected directly to the web.
> The FQDN is  rainbow.mydomain.com
> What I want to do is run another email server on another box.
> I only have one public static IP so the new email server
> will be on the private side with static IP of and a
> FQDN of  steelhead.mydomain.org
> If I do port forwarding (25 and 110) with Iptables on the main public
> box to my internal private box, will I lose sendmail functionality
> on the main public box?


> If I can somehow do this, then I will need help setting up 
> the mail server with the private IP address.
> mydomain.com and mydomain.org are setup to point to my static IP.
> Sorry if I left out any important details......
> Is this sort of setup possible?

Not using both sendmail servers.

FWIW: I have 3 registered domains -- all pointing to a single public IP on
my linux/iptables based firewall. My sendmail server sits behind this
firewall (in a DMZ) with a private IP address. I use iptables to port
forward tcp/25 to this dmz server. I just configure sendmail to handle
virtual domains so that all 3 domain names are considered local.

Steve Cowles

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