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Re: Need help--x window client on windows

At 02:57 PM 7/17/03, Timothy Stone wrote:
I have 600+ clients on Windows desktops. Each connects to a mainframe data application via IBM Personal Communications 3270 Terminal Emulation over telnet (ugh!).

What I know:
x3270 works on a RHL 8 server that I use as a testbed. I know that I can use x3270 on this machine natively. Securing the communication channel over SSH is very possible and most definitely preferred over telnet (ugh!)

What I need to know:
To reduce licensing costs (a goal of my employer!) I can foresee deploying access to the x3270 application via a Windoze X client.

It sounds like you want something like PuTTY, but that allows an X-application running on a linux box uses a windows client for display. I've never done it, but the PuTTY docs mention forwarding X applications:

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