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RE: RHN...worth it or not (and reverting from RH9 to RH8)

On Tue, 2003-07-22 at 00:17, Daevid Vincent wrote:

> I have to say that I upgraded to RH9, but after spending days trying to get
> my system back to my RH8 state with all the extras I just said fsckit and
> ghosted my image back to RH8. This is no fault of RedHat per say, but I just
> think there is more support out there for RH8 rpms and finding RH9 rpms was
> getting to be tiresome. I think I'll wait a generation till RHX. In the past
> couple weeks, I had an epiphany that it's better to have a system that is
> solid and works and I can be productive, than trying to always be on the
> bleeding edge... VMWare was the 'killer ap' that I needed to work for me. I
> just couldn't seem to get the networking working in RH9 as seemlessly as it
> did with RH8, and as a php/mysql/web developer, I need to have VMWare
> running on my notebook (connected to the raw partition dual boot!) so I can
> code pages in Homesite but seem the really work. That is by far the absolute
> slickest thing ever...
Daevid, I have similar needs (I am a regular user of Vmware, running the
server side of my apps in Linux and the client side in Vmware / Windows
NT). Since a long time ago, my "operational strategy", regarding
versions of both Red Hat & SuSE, has been to use the (latest-1) version
of these distributions.

And I have to say that this strategy has worked very well so far for me.
So, I am still using 8.0 and I will be waiting quite a bit more before I
upgrade to 9 (even though, at times, I am tempted to go ahead and see
what will happen...).

> Daevid Vincent
> http://daevid.com
Panos Platon Tsapralis,
Software Engineer, SAP-R/3 specialist,
Registered Linux User #305894,
Ximian Evolution (ver.1.4) on Red Hat Linux (8.0),
Athens, GREECE,
cell-phone: +306946462857, fax: +302108054420,
e-mail: panosplaton in gr, panosplaton hotmail com

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