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RE: remote upgrade from Redhat 8.0 --> 9.0


OK.. I'll bite... being realtively new to Linux..is there some doc you could
point me to that would in serious detail explain how to accomplish this....

Or.. How much will it take to bribe you to get the information out of

As long as you're in the US/Canada/Europe, I could gladly call you to get
the information!!

What I don't want to do..is screw up what I have.. which would lead me to
spend hours doing a complete install/upgrade with CDs...


bedouglas earthlink net

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On Fri, 2003-07-25 at 20:35, bruce wrote:
> Ed...
> Here's the situation... I have access to the boxes.. but they don't have a
> separate monitor/keyboard... I've got ~15-20 servers... I'd rather not
> the CDs and stand in front of each one change the monitor/keyboard, etc...
> or do a ftp/http install, which would require me to physically be typing
> front of each one...

Kickstart can automate upgrades as well as installs.

You can actually put the pxeboot images into your lilo/grub
configuration, along with the ks parameter pointing to your Kickstart
profile, reboot the server and have it upgrade itself. As you pointed
out, you don't want to use CDs, but Kickstart works just fine with the
network installs or with hard disk installs.


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