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RE: Redhat 9.0 and Enterprise Linux v.3

Hi Ed

I was going to be tested against RHEL v.3 , according to the email I received from redhat.
If rHEL v.3 is more like RH 9.0, then I don't think I should have an issue.

However, I still want to get a copy and study.

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On Tue, Nov 11, 2003 at 10:50:51PM +0100, Go, Jeffrey wrote:
> How different is RH 9 from EL v.3 ?
> I am testing for my RHCT exam on RH 9.0 and now just received email
> from Redhat that I will be tested on Enterprise Linux instead.  I
> don't know how different the OS is from each other since I have not
> used Enter. Linux..

You can get a full package listing from ftp.redhat.com.  Are you going
to be testing against RHEL 2.1 or 3?  It makes a *big* difference - RHEL
2.1 is essentially a modified 7.2.  RHEL 3 is more like 8 with a few 9 things
thrown in plus updates on a bunch of packages.

If the web pre-exam questions are accurate, you could be asked for
details on setting up things like an ftp server. With RHEL 2.1, that was
probably wu-ftpd.  With RHEL 3, it's vsftp.  Similary RHEL 2.1 was
Apache 1.3 and RHEL 3 is Apache 2.0.

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