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FTP: connection refused

Hi all, I have a tough problem that hopefully has a not so tough solution.  I'm trying to setup a simple ftp server on Red Hat 7.2 and I can't get beyond "connection" refused when trying to connect externally.  I've read every FAQ and online guide I can and I can't figure out why.

The big clue I think is that netstat -a says that ftp is not being listened on.  /etc/services looks ok to me (ftp is on port 21 for both UDP and TCP), I added the ftp service in /etc/xinet.d/ftp and restarted xinetd, so I'm not sure what could be inhibiting ftpd.  Here's my config from /etc/xinet.d/ftp:
service ftp {
 disable = no
 socket_type = stream
 wait = no
 nice = 10
 user = root
 server = /usr/sbin/in.ftpd
 server_args = -l
 instances = 4
 log_on_sucess += DURATION HOST USERID

I modified /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny too.  I wasn't sure about hosts.allow so I copied the working nfs stuff to a new line and changed it:
which is just like the entries for mountd, statd, etc.

Not sure what else to say.  Here's the long story summarized:
1. Dowloaded wu-ftp and built it with ./configure and make
2. Created /usr/ftp and the little jail for it to run in.
3. Check the firewall to make sure it didn't reject ftp.
4. Made changed to /etc/xinetd.d/ftp above and hosts files.
5. Restarted xinetd
There maybe a few other things I did, this is what I recall for now.

I did a tcpdump trace of the connect attempt, the packets are reaching the server and it replies, but the replies are all R (resets).  I think this is related to the fact that xinetd doesn't think it has something to run on port 21 (ftp port).

Help?  What could I be missing?

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