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Fedora or others?

Hello All,

I am currently in a dilemma of whether to use Fedora Core 1 or use other
distribution for my production servers. I know this may sound silly for
others to consider deploying Fedora for production servers but my
organization is just a poor foundation begging big companies for a dime.

I am currently running RedHat 8.0 and I am very comfortable with RedHat
since I started using it way back 1999. The news of RH ending life for
8.0 last December and 9.0 this April left me in shock, I thought it was
fortunate that Fedora is there, but I can't trust it since it is just a
test version. For a while, I thought of shifting to other rpm based
distro like Mandrake, but I'm having second thoughts because my skills
are honed for RH and I really loved this distro. 

Currently, I am running a web, mail, ftp, radius, mysql on my RH 8.0
servers on WAN. I need a secure and stable distribution that is free and
still leverage my RH skills. Debian sounds great, but I don't like it.

Can anybody shed some light? any recommendation is appreciated. 


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