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Re: What is this "root=LABEL=/" stuff?

Hi Doug,

The LABEL is referring to a filesystem label introduced some time ago.
Essentially it allows you to label a disk parition. This is useful because once
labeled you don't need to refer to the partition by diskname[part#] (ie. hda5).

That way if you add more disks and the device names switch it won't screw you up.

man e2label


Quoting Douglas Phillipson <dougp intermind net>:

*> When compiling a stock kernel from kernel.org (on RH9), the process puts
*> root=LABEL=/ in my /boot/grub/menu.lst file.  My machines never boot
*> with it there, I always have to change it to root=/dev/hda[x].  Could
*> someone please explain whats happening here?  Am I doing something
*> wrong?  Why do I always have to modify the menu.lst file when I build a
*> new kernel?
*> Thanks
*> Doug P
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