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RE: email problem

> From: Toto Gamez 
> To: redhat-list redhat com
> Subject: email problem
> Hi 
> We're having problem in receiving e-mail, our pque branch is connected
> to the internet via myDSL. They are sending email thru smtp.info.com.ph
> as their smtp and retrieved mail thru our pop3 located in Pasay (postfix)
> but everytime they send email at our domain (@bonheur.com.ph) we cant
> received their mails. When I checked the maillog it says:
> Apr 27 16:42:21 pasay postfix/smtpd[31895]: warning:
> hostname adsl-131.180.85.info.com.ph verification failed: Host not found


In short, postfix is reporting that the A record and PTR record for the
connecting IP do not match. Example: Using your log entry above...

[scowles voyager log]$ host domain name pointer adsl-131.180.85.info.com.ph.

[scowles voyager log]$ host adsl-131.180.85.info.com.ph
Host adsl-131.180.85.info.com.ph not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

I'm not a postfix expert by any means, but I had to configure postfix to be
slightly less restrictive with regards to what postfix considers unknown
clients. I did so by commenting the following in main.cf

# reject_unknown_client

Personally, I don't like commenting the above, but there seems to be a lot
of IP addresses that do not match A/PTR records from legitimate sources.

Steve Cowles

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