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RE: DVD Burning Problem

Hey Ben,
 Thanks for the reply. The DVD Drive is DVD +/- RW, but the media that
I'm using is a DVD+RW. I'd try using mondo, but I don't know enough
about linux to even know how to make the script for for that. The script
was written by a co-worker of mine, but has left to company for a
different job, so now I'm here trying to figure out how all of this

Oliver J. Ignacio
Voxred International LLC
12 Spielman Road
Fairfield, NJ 07004 

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On Thu, 29 Jul 2004, Oliver Ignacio wrote:

> Here's the scenario, I'm backing up some files into a DVD using an
> automated script. The script just takes the database entries as well
> the files associated with them, and transfers them into the DVD. As
> backing up, I'm pulling up the recording.log to make sure that it's
> backing up. It goes through and makes a file list of all the files on
> the directory, then procceeds with burning the files. When it gets to
> about 32-34 percent the program closes the DVD. To my knowledge the
> script doesn't have anything keeping the dvd from backing up only
> of the data.


Two things:

1) Are you using a DVD+/-RW?  IIRC, dvdrecord has a hard time with 
DVD+/-RW media.

2) Why not use mondo-archive?  I'm using it to backup to DVD+RW.  I get
hickup about every other week, but other than that it works just fine, 
with the added benefit of having my restore media being bootable.

if you decide to try out mondo, let me know and I'd be happy to post a 
sanitized copy of my backup script.


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