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Re: Fedora Core and Lexar JumpDrive Sport USB Flash Drive

On Wed, 18 Aug 2004, Mailing List wrote:

> After performing this command it seems that the problem is that it is
> not showing up.

    ..............  stuff deleted  ..............

> Now I am wondering why the FlashDrive will show up on the one machine,
> but not on the other.  The machine that it shows up on is a RedHat 7.2
> machine while the machine that it does not show up on is a Fedora Core
> 1 machine.  I would think that if it worked under 7.2 it should
> probably work under Fedora.

Is the USB module working?  Is the USB port broken?  That is, do you have
another USB device that you can plug into the machine and find it?  (I use
my digital camera, it comes up under /mnt/camera!)  Does it work in one
USB port and not another?

I don't remember if there is special module for the USB-SCSI connection.


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