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Re: Switching SMTP "on"

kenwardc wrote:

Hi Ed

OK - things have moved on a bit since then and mostly everything now
appears to be working fine. I'm left with only one issue now, and
that's related (I think) to the fact that even with RedHat 3 EL the
POSTFIX application doesn't appear to be compiled for MYSQL support.
Not sure how to either find out for sure, or compile it to be so, but
I'm working on it! Any help in either of these directions would be


I have always downloaded the postfix RPM source package maintained by Simon Mudd and compiled in the options I need using rpmbuild. I especially like the PCRE option. There are also RPM binaries available, but I don't know if they are compiled with mysql support.

The rpm packages (source or binary) can be found at:

Instructions on how to build from rpms are at:

Steve Cowles

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