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Console peaced out?

I am running rh9 on a couple machines at work here. While i was out sick one day a co-worker logged into one of the machines and did loaded up xwindows (startx). I (and him) have done this many times in the past without a problem but for some reason when he did it this time, he said that xwindows started loading but then the screen went black and that was it. I originally thought it might be something with the display settings being out of range for the monitor but it appears that is not the problem. The machine responds fine (to ping and such) and i can get into it through ssh without and problems but the console appears to be hosed. The keyboard is unresponsive (i cant even get the numlock light to come on) and the screen is just sitting there black. It is not a problem with the monitor or anything as i have swapped that out.

I tried killing his session to see if it would log him out and return the console to a prompt but that did not happen. The session ended as it not longer is displayed in top or who but still the console remains black and the keyboard is unresponsive.

Is there something that i can kill or run to be able to get the console back? This machine usually goes 8-10 months before something comes up where it needs to be rebooted and i REALLY dont want to have to reboot it now. Its serving quite a lot for us here. And yes, i know you shouldnt really be running x on a console of a server but hey, he did and now its hosed and i gotta deal with it.

Does anyone have any ideas or perhaps more info is needed?



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