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Re: Verizon with linux?


 With the very short experience I had with Verizon, The answer is NO.

 In fact, when trying to talk with customer service at Verizon, I was
told in no uncertain terms, its windows or nothing, and promptly disconnected.

 It has now become a battle of business, money, and conrol. Be prepared
to be disappointed at many turns along the way. You e-mail has a quote at the
bottom, that speaks the truth.

                                                        Happy Computing

On Saturday 18 December 2004 07:22, Stephen W wrote:
> Is anyone using Verizon?
> Looking at the home page of VerizonDSL they list
> requirements as Windows and IE.  (I have another
> window open as they check my system ... about 5
> minutes so far and no results.)
> I presently have Comcast cable and they have the same
> requirement (their software for install only works on
> Win98se and up.)  Once it was installed I had no
> problem when I rebooted into linux and went online.
> Is it the same of Verizon?
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