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Re: problem with extraction of .tgz file on Redhat AS 3.0

On Mon, 2004-12-20 at 09:10 +0530, Girish N wrote:
> The only thing that we were able to find is that one of the database 
> file [out of 15 files] is in inconsistent state, does this mean that - a 
> tar -czvf backup will fail if one of the file during backup is 
> inconsistent [or corrupted?]

Not with the symptoms you have.

> This is happening on one of our Redhat AS 3.0 server [we hv 10 Redhat 
> dev servers & none of them r hvn'ng this issue]
> the command used for backup is "# tar -czvf /SAN02/datatop.tgz /u02/datatop"

Two possibilities:

1. Has the datafile grown to a size that is problematic? I don't know
specifically about the versions of tar and gzip in AS 3, some are
limited to 2gb file size.

2. I wouldn't think this is very likely since it is only happening to
one datafile, but could it possibly be a memory problem?

C. Linus Hicks <lhicks at nc dot rr dot com>

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