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RE: changing ownership

Thanks for your reply.
I agree that the design is flawed; however, its something that
is difficult to change.

The work around is something similar to what I was thinking, but your's
is simpler.

Thanks for the response. 

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> On Mon, Dec 20, 2004 at 09:21:37AM -0500, Blackburn, Marvin wrote:
> > I have the need to have a non-priveleged user change the 
> ownership of a
> > file or files that he owns, to another non-privelged user.
> > 
> > Redhat does not permit this. 
> Nor should it.  Think about the cases where you have disk quotas in
> effect.  If you allow user x to change ownership of a large 
> file to user
> y, you could potentially block user y from creating any more files on
> the volume and that user may not even be able to find or 
> change the file
> that x changed.
> Think also about the case of a non-privileged user changing the
> ownership of /etc/shadow to himself and then making that file world
> readable or writable.  Your system is now totally compromised.
> > We thought about using sudo, however this could be dangerous.
> > Is there a secure way to do this.
> You'll have to ensure that the script you write is secure.  You must
> have sudo invoke a script of your creation and not allow any 
> user to run
> chown as root (or you could really, really set your system up for
> serious grief).  
> In general, I do not believe you need to change ownership of 
> one file to
> another.  Your application design is busted. 
> A simple workaround is for x to move the file that needs the ownership
> changed to a temporary directory and grant y access to the 
> file.  Then,
> y can take ownership of that file and move it to the place it 
> should be.
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