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Re: iam not able to find these commands.

Nagaraj Patil wrote:
hi there,
1.iam  trying to set environmental variables for j2ee
server  using "setenv" command as per the website
but iam not able to find this command in Fedora Core
You can set the environment variables (I assume that you are using bash as a shell) with the 'export ' shell command or usingg the notation
<shell_variable>=<value>. There is some difference between them, you can read about it in bash man page. If you need the variable to be set every time when you ligin into system, put line <shell_variable>=<value> into
your .bash_profile (or in /etc/profile for all users).

how can i set these variables for all users at once
and wat about setenv command in this distro.

2.iam not able to shutdown the system using shutdown
command.the responce is "command not found".
Check the PATH environment variable. If you are working as root it should include /sbin directory (shutdown is actually /sbin/shutdown).
Also you can call shutdown with full path /sbin/shutdown.
Of course, you need to be root to use the 'shutdown' command.

Alexey Fadyushin
Brainbench MVP for Linux.

how to shutdown the system from text mode of linux FC2.

thank u,

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