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Re: RH Fedora network interfaces

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From: "Edward Dekkers" <edward tripled iinet net au>
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2004 5:24 PM
Subject: Re: RH Fedora network interfaces

> > Standard issue Supermicro server with dual 10/100 network ports built in.
> > and Fedora Core 1 see both network interfaces on cold-boot and everything
> > great.  If I do a soft reboot (without physically powering the server down
for a
> > few seconds), the network cards are not seen as active and kudzu complains
> > removed hardware.  RH 7.3 used to work just fine for a year on this machine.
> > Is there anything I can do in the configuration somewhere to tell kudzu that
> > network cards are just fine, not to detect them again, and not to mess with
> > ocnfiguration?  Cold booting works fine every time, so I don't get why a
> > warm-boot makes it go crazy on both RH9 and Fedora.

> Once a server is up and running properly, and you don't plan to make any
> configuration changes, why not just disable kudzu altogether?
> just run ntsysv from a console, and disable it.


Thanks for the suggestion, but that only disables kudzu during bootup - but does
not resolve the issue that on warm-boot RH9 and Fedora do not recognize the
network interfaces on this server (standard Intel Pro 10/100 82559).  With kudzu
disabled it simply says eth0 and eth1 are not there.  If you just power it down
and power it up again (cold boot) it detects both network interfaces properly
and everything is working 100%.

So again, the problem is not with kudzu - it's with RH9 and Fedora.  On
cold-boot they both see the network interfaces and work PERFECTLY, but on
warm-boot it's as if they do not get initialized or something and come up with
eth0/eth1 not present.  Both ports are built into the motherboard, not PCI
cards, and both have worked perfectly fine on RH7.3 for over a year - cold and
warm boot.  That's why the problem is with RH9 and Fedora and how they
initialize the network ports on bootup.

I'd just like to know what the difference is on warm-boot that RH9 and Fedora
complain about and why they can't detect these ports properly.  :-(

Any other ideas?  Any way to issue a 'forced reset' on these ports somehow on
shutdown or bootup, something like a cold-boot would normally do?


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