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Re: repartitioning without losing data

On Fri, 2004-01-02 at 11:33, Jonathan Schwarz wrote:
> Thanks for the responses, guys.

No problem.

> Another quick question: I'm aware that what I'm going to propose is not 
> the 'best' way to do this, but will it work?
> I'd prefer to do this while not in single user mode. I understand that 
> the main risks are that the home dir would be modified while I'm in the 
> process of moving it.

The problem with the method you describe is that there are bound to be
processes writing (or trying to write) to /home, *especially* if your
users are logged in.  You'll need access to the unmounted partition to
modify it with parted (or so I believe, it's the only way I've tried). 
If you can manage to umount /home while in runlevel [3|5], more power to

P.S.  Regarding the [cp|mv|etc] "argument", I usually use a tar copy
anyways, as it will definitely capture all dotfiles, symlinks, sockets,
permissions, etc.  But I thought I'd try to keep it as simple as
possible... you should have backups anyways, right?  ;-)

Jason Dixon, RHCE
DixonGroup Consulting

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