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Re: Sendmail configuration problem? Some servers refusing to receive mail from me...

On Saturday 03 January 2004 07:31 pm, Donald Tyler wrote:

> I am just trying to decipher exactly what the recipient MTA is
> telling me. But I doubt I will know for sure until I call them
> directly on Monday.

The recipient MTA is definitely telling you the recipient address is not 
a valid address on their server.  Now since you've munged it to: 
<***** letsos com> there's no way any of us can try it.

Unfortunately some postmasters have been returning incorrect errors to 
suspected spammers so your problem may be as simple as you've gotten 
into a spam RBL.  Have you checked your IP against spam RBLs?  I don't 
approve of this kind of false reporting, but I've seen it discussed in 
the past few days on one of the anti-spam mailing lists I subscribe to.

Or your server may have some kind of a slight problem with timing or 
with protocol syntax that the recipient server doesn't like, and the 
recipient server is returning the wrong error.

Either find another admin you trust, and let him try from his 
mailserver, with a real address (he can try without actually sending a 
message, or he can send a test message from your return address or from 
your user's return address), or wait until you can talk to the 
recipient domain admins.

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