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SV: Recovering files


You might wanna consider "The coroners toolkit" - by Wietse Venema.


It's real area of usage is when doing computer forensics after an intrusion, but
you can use it to scrape a lot of information from the disk.

It wont restore a file in a standard way, but it might recover you the data.

Read the readme and so on.

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Skickat: den 14 januari 2004 23:12
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Ämne: Recovering files

About a month ago, one of my drives failed.  The physical disk is fine, it
is just the superblocks are corrupt and there is some serious damage to
the actual data on the drive.  I have read many how-tos and tried using
different programs such as e2salvage and e2 recover to recover data, but
it was unable to recover the data.  I stringsed the device and I can see
some parts of some of my files, so I was wondering if there was some way
to go block to block and see if there is a certain file there, and if
there is a legible file, copy it over.  I have tried those programs with
no success, I can show you my errors if you wish.

I was mostly looking for a way to recover just my MP3 files off of this
failed disk.  Thanks for the help.

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