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Re: Benchmarking tools

On Fri, 16 Jan 2004 16:57:03 -0200
Herculano de Lima Einloft Neto <hlen ig com br> wrote:

>      I'm working with a project which involves a lot of testing with 
> openldap directories on RH 9.0 servers. Can anyone point me to good 
> tools for benchmarking queries to a search base, or anything that might 
> be helpful for such an effort? I've been playing with time, gkrellm and 
> library functions, but I'm guessing there is more appropriate software 
> for that matter.

Hi Herculano,

    Would a shell script using the "ldapsearch" command work for you?   It
should allow you to script a reproducible series of searches.   You should
be able to wrap the searches in a function and use the "time" command for
reporting.    The script could also do multiple runs so that you can
average the results.   Maybe you're looking for something more
sophisticated but I thought i'd throw this out as an idea anyway.


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