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RE: pop won't authenticate my password

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> Sent: Sunday, January 18, 2004 10:03 AM
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> Subject: Re: pop won't authenticate my password
> Did you configure a firewall when you did the install on this 
> machine? Try "su -" and then "lokkit" which will allow you to 
> see and modify any 
> firewall settings. If you set your secutiry setting to the default of 
> "high" initially, then the firewall won't allow pop3 connections. You 
> need to allow connections to port 110 for pop3.
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> - -Michael

Hi Michael, 

I thought I had chosen *not* to install a firewall when I first
installed RH9 on this machine since I knew it was going to part of a
network running under a Linksys router, which has a built-in firewall
whose settings you can change (in fact, I'd changed the port settings of
the network to allow my just my Linux box's POP/IMAP (i.e. 110), SMTP,
HTTP and FTP ports to be accessible outside of the router's firewall.
However, when I ran Lokkit as you suggested, I was surprised to see that
initial setting was "High". I changed it to "No firewall" (in light of
the other network precautions I'd taken as described above), and hit OK.
Then I ran Mozilla Mail and tried to retrieve mail through pop again,
but the same result as before: after getting "Enter your password for
ed pop" and entering my normal password, I got only "The PASS command
did not succeed. Mail server pop responded: Authentication failed." 

Ed McCorduck
Department of English
State University of New York College at Cortland
ed mccorduck cortland edu

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