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Re: finding USB camera using kdf and lsmod, etc

On Sun, 2004-06-13 at 23:29, Stephen W wrote:
> There is sure a lot I need to learn...
> went su and tried using lsmod, etc... 
> was told command not found.
> did search and found them in/sbin
> cd /sbin and tried to run ...
> same result "command not found"

After you open a term and su to root, just type:

/sbin/lsmod | more

> egad, I sure do not want to return to Win... but this
> is getting crazy.. Slowly, very slooooooowly,
> learning. Never in all my years of education (and
> those are considerable) has the learning curve been so
> steep... ofcoourse, in the formal academic centers
> there were fellow students, profs, and all sorts of
> resources that I do not have sitting at home by
> myself...

Remember what it was like when ya first started using either DOS, OS/2
or Windows? Just a new set of commands to get familiar with mate!

> I'll just keep looking and asking question via the net
> rather than going to the person next door... :)
> Thanks,
> StephenW

Let's keep plugging away!

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