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Re: [RH List] Re: Possible break-in

Pete Nesbitt wrote:

We had a solaris box hacked the other day. The machine is off-line but has not been looked at. So far it looks like there was a sendmail vulnerability that came out around the 8th (from what I could find) and we got hacked on the 9th (at least that is when a "eee" and a "r00t" accont showed up.

Does your box have sendmail listening to the outside?

I keep up with the source directly from sendmail.org, and thus am running 8.12.11. I don't think there's been a problem with that version yet. But also, it turned out to be a false alarm. prelink changes file sizes when it runs on binaries and libraries (ironically they get bigger,) and tripwire was doing what it's supposed to do: warm about file changes.

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