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Re: Can't umount when busy

What is the mountpoint?

On Mon, 31 May 2004, Frank Reichenbacher wrote:

> I'm trying to get mirrordir to work on a new second hard drive. I
> created the partitions, set up the filesystems as needed, and then made
> the directories for the mount points. I'm having a hard time testing and
> troubleshooting, however, because I can't get umount to work on the
> mirrored drive partitions because no matter what stuff I
> close/stop/delete I can't get them 'unbusy' unless I reboot. How do I
> find out what processes are tying up the mount point? Man umount says it
> might even be the umount command, if so, what on earth would one do to
> get around that?
> Frank

Mike Burger

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