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Re: Display question

Yes, Ive done exactly that. This is the result

monitor probe is disabled
resolution change does not "stay" when you log out and back in. Only 800x600 stays all these cards can do 1024x768 in windows...

The card is recognized by RH ES 3.0 on both the dell and Compaq. The dells x window is a ridicolus 5in x 5in !


"Oracle error messages being what they are, do not
highlight the correct cause of fault, but will identify
some other error located close to where the real fault lies."

Ben Russo wrote:

Bob Metelsky wrote:

using RH ES 3.0 Ive installed Linux and although its a cosmetic problem, my issue is I cant get a better resolution than 800x600 on any machine

Id like to get a nice 1024x768

If you just installed a default RHEL AS v3 X desktop, your window manager is gnome. You can click on the "RedHat" icon at the lower
left corner of the screen, then click on the "System Settings" menu folder, then select "Display"
You will then be prompted for the root users password (you are logged in as a regular user (non-root) right?)
After entering the root password you will get a window for
"Display Settings" where you should be able to select the
resolution and color depth.


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