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Re: System hang due to high iowait

I had a similar problem and did a google search on it a while back.  I
found this little snippet and
tried it and have never had a problem since : 

In your rc.d/rc.local file append the following two lines : 

echo 100 > /proc/sys/vm/inactive_clean_percent
echo 2 10 20  > /proc/sys/vm/pagecache

I would give this a try.


>>> csu4 fedex com 04/10/2004 1:46:04 am >>>
Hi there,

Could anyone help to find the system hung problem? The box
is running RHEL 3AS Update3. Whenever I do a massive data
transfer (such as rcp from another box to this box), after
certain time (around six to seven hours), this box would
hang up. I could see the top output even it's hung, and it
showed that the iowait is 99% and system contributed another
1% making the server moving nowhere.

The box connected to a HP MSA500 Smart Array Storage, thru
multipath (I enabled it following the user guide) connection.
The filesystem is ext3 format. Any problem here?

Thx & Rgds,


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