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Lexmark printing problems

Hi All:

I recently brought our RH/EL AS 3 system "up2date" and now we are
having problems printing to our Lexmark T630n printer. The
printer is connected via Ethernet and I had previously downloaded
and installed the Lexmark 5.1.2-1 printer drivers and MarkVision
Pro software from Lexmark.

Printing worked fine before the Linux upgrades but now it will
only print simple requests such as "ls -l | lp" but as soon as
I attempt to print a more complex file (i.e. a PCL file) the
"lp" command appears to execute and return a request number but
that is the end of it. The document is not printed and I can
find no error messages.

I have checked both the Red Hat and Lexmark web sites without
finding anything apparently relevant. I have also done a google
search but that did not turn up anything (or I am using the
wrong search criteria).

Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hugh E Cruickshank, Payroll Guardian, www.PayrollGuardian.com 

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