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Re: bash error after ksh installation

On 13:23 16 Sep 2004, cnorton town arlington ma us <cnorton town arlington ma us> wrote:
| We needed to install ksh on our RedHat 9 system.

There's nothing wrong with that.

| A backup product, ArcServe
| requires it.  After this installation, our logins receive this message, and
| I'd like to correct the problem:

BTW, after ksh install, or after ArcServer install?
i.e. do you really know which package caused the change, or might it be
either of them.

| Last login: Thu Sep 16 13:18:15 from
| -bash: [: too many arguments
| -bash: [: too many arguments

All your logins, or for specific users?
If it's all, check out bash's startup files.
Most likely the back system has installed a config file in
See if it has. And if so, post that script - it's probably got an
insufficiently paranoid piece of shell in it that can be corrected.

Cameron Simpson <cs zip com au> DoD#743

I never refuse to be on speaking terms with anybody; you lose so many
opportunities of saying disagreeable things.    - Lord Fisher

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