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Network Configuration


I sent this mail but I have not a suggestion yet

I installed Red Hat 8.0 on the computer included 2 NIC
card: one of them is 3Com. After installing, the
network card did not work. I try to activate 2 network
card by go to System setting --> Network device
configuration. But they did not work. I found I did
not add the modules to system. I modified alias in
/ect/modules.conf. Then I used insmod to add modules
3c59x. But it tells me an erro message:
/lib/modules/2.4.18-14/kernel/devices/net/3c59x: no
such a file.

I went to this sub directory. I saw the modules was

Then I try to add the second network driver eepro100.
I met the same problem.

What problem did I encounter when I attempted to add
the modules while they are still exist in the system?
How do I get two network cards activate ?

Any suggestion would be appreciate.


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