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Re: rhn/up2date out of order after update to rh-el-es4

modify /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date with these


also check out these help docs:


jan peuker lst-deutschland de wrote:
Hi everybody

Since I updated from EL3 to EL4 two weeks ago I can't connect to RHN. The error message of the notification tool(v2.1.8) just is "can't connect to RHN" - and it stays the same if I turn off every firewall I find. The domain it tries to reach is "https://xmlrpc.rhn.redhat.com/APPLET"; which I can't connect manually - maybe this is the reason why, when I run up2date, it can only be closed by "kill -9" and the notification tool leaves a <defunct> netstat process. There are no entries in any log files and I don't understand the configuration in /etc/sysconfig/rhn. Any suggestions how to solve this problem? Btw, It's a DELL PE1800 and I connect via VNC.
Thanks a lot,


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