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Fw: Procmail help

Please help me with this.

I've tried following in /etc/procmailrc, but to no use:

| chown apache.mail "$SPAMFILE"
| my-script "$SPAMFILE"

I want to change the owner of the file creatd by procmailrc to apache, thats

Can anybody direct me to the right way, what's wrong with these codes

Thanks in advance

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From: "Nitin" <nitinmehta kappa net in>
To: "General Red Hat Linux discussion list" <redhat-list redhat com>
Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2005 07:44 PM
Subject: Procmail help

> Hi all,
> I'm facing a problem and its urgent.
> Can anybody help me in this:
> I'm using procmail to filter mails and put the spam mails in separate
> Now the problem is, its creates the file with root as owner and webmail
> read it unless the owner is apache.
> I'm trying following code to change owner and permission but somehow it's
> not working (no erroras either), while if i change the code slightly it
> gives valid errors, which means it executes. Code is:
> if [ -f "$SPAMFILE" ]; then
>        chown apache.mail "$SPAMFILE"
>        chmod 660 "$SPAMFILE"
> else
>        LOG = "$_: ERROR: Could not change ownership of '$SPAMFILE'"
> fi
> What's wrong with it? or if it wont work, how shud i do tht?
> Please help me ASAP..
> Thanks in advance
> Nitin
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