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Re: OT - legacy distros

Subject: OT - legacy distros
From: "Michael Scully" <agentscully flexiblestrategies com>
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 18:22:10 -0400

	I support one older site with a Caldera Linux installation.  I need
to add a JRE for some Java, but I have dependency issues - 5 to be exact.
One of them is a glibc that I suspect is a show stopper.  But as you know,
Caldera is the dreaded SCO Group, and they have dropped any availability of
Linux code from their website.

	I'm not their hardware and O/S vendor, and I can't quickly make the
switch on this older hardware to RHEL, which would be my preference.  So I
was hoping to find these RPM's elsewhere.  This is a 2.2.14 kernel.  My
dependencies are:
> Does anyone know the best way to find them? I am also not sure of the exact
file name syntax to look for these packages. Thanks in advance.

Someone else already mentioned rpmfind.net - that *is* the standard place to go.

On the other hand, I would strongly recommend going up to at least a 2.4x series kernel. Lots of bugfixes and enhancements, but not the extra size of 2.6x, and if your client's running 2.2, I'm sure they're not running multiprocessor systems, which (as I understand it) is one of the big things that 2.6 is about.

To do this, you can upgrade the kernel, which includes glibc, then X, and see what's left. I'd assume that you have a system to test on, other than their production boxes, and I'd clone their system and start.

Of course, I am available, immediately, for reasonable rates....

mark roth, Unix/Linux sysadmin

If you're "pro-life", does this mean that you don't eat eggs?

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