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RE: Email Server Solution

At 08:15 AM 8/3/2005, you wrote:

Have you tried looking at the Ensim solution directory? It appears that
there is atleast one there that might have what you are looking for and
be able to control it through ensim:


Albert, no I didn't check there. I will have to look into them more. But from a quick look, it looks like either we have to go with a hosting provider or use windows for our Ensim. I am not willing to switch to Windows. And switching to an another hosting provider would also put us out of business.
Most of our servers are NOT Ensim boxes and we don't have any problems with them. Well, there is one, but that is a different issue all together. A crazy programmer that is writing a store program for us was clumsy in the fact that he had a php contact form that could be manipulated through a browser. The hacker then used it to spam from. As soon as I found out, I removed the form and won't let the programmer put it back until he rewrites it and lets me check it out.
Anyway, I will look into the Ensim solutions that are at that URL and see if any of them can be used in a cost effective manor for us. The majority of our customers that are on the Ensim boxes we have are cheap sites. I am against giving them everything for nothing. If they want that, there are plenty of free hosting providers out there and as long as they don't want to talk to tech support at those places, then they can get away cheaply.


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