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Re: non-bootable CD drive

Jason Huddleston wrote:
Lokrin wrote:

Hi - could someone point me to the instructions for installing from CD when the computer bios won't boot from CD. Currently the computer runs freeBDS and is a 750mz pentium.

does this machine have a floppy drive???

Yes it does.

Update - I wasn't able to get anything working off the FC2 disks, but using the exact same commands using the RH9 disc (*) I was able to get it to boot and start. Now I have two problems. first - it doesn't have enough ram for gui, so it runs in text for the install - no big deal. second - when I specify the partitions (destroy all and restart with suggested defaults) it tells me that it needs to format the drive immediately so it can use the swap space. It starts and then the whole thing freezes up. Is this a memory problem? I may have to add some memory to the system. It was used only as a firewall before, so I'm told.

(*) one distro had bootdisk.img and the other had diskboot.img. I guess they changed the name when they changed from RH to FC? Anyway, the dd command works fine with no errors, but the FC version won't boot at all.

I am able to move the HD to my working machine as hdd and I can mount in RW and read/write fine. I've already tested that.

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