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Tue Jan 18 03:59:53 EST 2005

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Padiyath Sreekumaran schrieb:
|  % ldd lmgrd
|         Incorrectly built binary which accesses errno, h_errno or _res
| directly. Needs to be fixed.

This is a well known error under RH9. I had the same while installing an
FlexLM stand alone server for ANSYS. I looked at the vendor's homepage
and found some helpful hints - but I can't find them anymore on their
website. Maybe I looked to slightly ;) However, I store always all pages
I needed during an installation (because of license texts and so) and
here are some infos from my archive (17 Oct 2003):

RedHat 9.0 is not yet supported by FlexLM. When lmgrd is invoked the
following error message appears: "Incorrectly built binary which
accesses errno, h_errno or _res directly. Needs to be fixed."

The above error message is due to an incompatibility between the FLEXlm
lmgrd binary and the GLibC version 2.3 libary from RedHat 9. The site: provides the
following explanation and workaround:

"To address this error message, replace the file lmgrd in the /idl/bin
subdirectory with the latest version of the file (Intel Linux Glibc 2.3,
Redhat v5.x), available from

This page doesn't exists anymore. Try the Web-Archive to view it (Even
the download files seem to be stored on this server!):

Once the new binary for the license manager launches, the system may
still display the above error message twice. However, the license
manager administers available licenses correctly."

~From the old FlexLM homepage:

Recommended Procedure for Starting lmgrd on UNIX Systems

Any normal, non-privileged user (non-root user) can start lmgrd.
Security experts recommend that users and administrators avoid running
daemons as root - when such daemons do not require root privileges.
Since lmgrd does not require root privileges, we recommend you do not
start lmgrd as root.

To start lmgrd from a system startup script try this stripped-down code.
All paths are absolute paths to the particular files.


su flexlm -c "umask 022; ${FLEXLM} -c ${LICENSEFILE} -l ${LOGFILE}"



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